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Contact Me
Hi. My name is Jack Nino and I am running for the Nevada State Assembly in District 16. I appreciate you taking the time to come look at my website. I hope it is because you have learned that I am running for office and for whatever reason you have an interest in the election and you came to see what I have to say.

If this is your first time here, please visit my blog where you can learn about some of my day to day thoughts and activities of my campaign.

Also, please visit my forum.  While there you can see the questions and answers that I have given for a wide variety of questionnaires that I have received from various groups that are interested in the political process.  I originally wanted the forum to be fully open so that anyone that came by could post a new topic and ask me a question, but what really ended up happening is that I was deleting spam at least twice a day, some of it offensive.  So now I am the only one who is allowed to post new topics, but you can still post a reply to an already existing topic.  The spammers haven't figured that one out yet.  If you do have a question feel free to contact me by any of the methods mentioned on the Contact Me page.

If you'd like to meet with me in person, here are some upcoming events where you'll be able to find me.

Date Time Event Where
Tuesday, August 12th  7:00PM to ? Victory (I hope) Party Shuck's Tavern (Serene and Eastern)